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  1. Beth Bargsten says:

    my husband. Dale, and I will be on a Road Scholar trip to Haida Gwaii this coming June. We live in Corvallis, Oregon and are birders, more than casual but more for enjoyment than seriousness. We have always wanted to see this area and are excited about the trip. we will check your site frequently. Last week we had a red shouldered hawk make three visits to our yard. It was a new life list bird for us. Beth

    • finnoula says:

      Thanks for your note! Perhaps we’ll meet, I do short tours 1-3 hours in the locality. Thanks for reading, I love the tidy Red-shouldered Hawk, I saw one in LA once, but never here. Very rare. All the best, Margo

  2. Arlene says:

    Hello Peter & Margo
    I am loosely planning a birding trip to the Queen Charlottes the second week of May. We enjoy your blog about the recent happenings and wanted to send our thanks for keeping up with the birding trends on the migratory routes.
    If we indeed do make the trip, we’ll let you know how birding and wild life watching & photograpy goes

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